A Message from the leaders of We Can Lead Change-Fox Valley


We Can Lead Change-Fox Valley, a multi-faceted group with the broad mission of preserving and protecting democracy, has decided to focus its educational opportunities exclusively on the relentless pursuit of social justice in order to meet the public outcry of this historic time. We are committed to examining and better understanding social injustice issues and their root causes as we work to eliminate racial inequality in our society.


True to our mission, We Can Lead Change-Fox Valley stands firm in its belief that without equality for all, there is no true democracy. The callous murder of George Floyd and the events that followed — both violent and peaceful — made it impossible to ignore the evidence of systemic racism that permeates our country. This murder, and centuries of similarly heinous acts that preceded it, have served as clear proof that Americans are not equal under the law.


We abhor the police violence against the very people — Black men, women, and children —  whom officers of the law have sworn to protect. And though we do not condone violent protest and looting in response, we acknowledge that the source of this rage is the result of hundreds of years of inequality and injustice toward Black Americans. In addition to our efforts to seek change through education, we fully support peaceful protests and their importance in creating a better, more just society.


The leadership of We Can Lead Change-Fox Valley acknowledges the privilege that much of our membership has enjoyed. We believe it is this very privilege that allows us to reach a specific audience, one that can be a vital component in the overhaul of how we view racial inequality in our country.


Further, we stand firm in our resolution that electing candidates who support equality for all is integral to the change we seek. We Can Lead Change-Fox Valley will continue to work with tireless determination to put such candidates into office. 


We encourage you to join us in this pursuit. Please follow us on social media, get involved, and learn with us as we are challenged to find tactics we can use at the local level to advance social justice.


WCLC-FV reached out to every candidate for public office from Kane County with an Anti-Racism questionnaire. Check out our Facebook page to see what they had to say.




After We Can Lead Change – Fox Valley crafted an Anti-Racism questionnaire, we reached out to every candidate for public office from Kane County, using phone numbers, websites, Facebook pages and asking leaders from both parties. Although we never reached a few candidates and some failed to respond, we have collated the responses we received and are sharing them on our public Facebook page.



or click the graphic link below for our Facebook page.

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